SIM daycare takes on a more formal structure where education, child development, and discipline are being emphasized. Children are put under the guidance of trained and trusted daycare teachers who play a role as an all-rounder educator to ensure that all homework are completed, subjects are well understood in school and proper games or activities are incorporated during daycare. We'll feed the children with sumptuous meals, supervise their homework and let them play or do fun activity in a conducive and safe environment. You can be rest assured that they are safe, secure and having a fun learning time.

Holiday programmes, camps and educational excursions are organized on an occasional basis; during school holidays to allow the children to learn beyond the conventional school subjects, and gain more skills and knowledge (through different activities and field trips).

Features :

  • Sumptuous meals (including refreshments)
  • Safe, clean and comfortable learning environment
  • CCTV monitoring system
  • Guide students to complete their daily (school) homework
  • Daycare file (extra exercises)
  • Reward students using point system
  • Holiday outings
  • Holiday (in-house) programmes
  • Cultivation of self-discipline and self-reliance
  • Reading corner